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APR = Annual Percentage Rate. This promotion applies to new Heritage Grove home equity loans only. Minimum loan amount is $25,000. Current Home Equity Loan APR is between 6.99% and 13.99% based on loan term and credit profile. Home equity loan terms range from seven to 20 years. Maximum home equity loan APR is 18.00%, primary residence only. This promotion requires that Heritage Grove be in the first lien position only. Estimated third-party fees (closing costs) range from $332 to $4,500. If an appraisal is required, the cost will be paid by the applicant(s). Maximum loan-to-value (LTV) is 80% to 90%, depending on credit rating and term selected. The loan amount and Annual Percentage Rate you receive is based on your credit rating, loan-to-value of property and loan term. You will be provided the loan amount and rate for which you qualify when your loan is approved. Payment Example: For a $25,000 loan with a term of 120 months and a 4.99% APR, the monthly payment will be $265.04. (This payment does not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums. The total payment will be higher if these items are applicable.) Shorter and longer terms may be available; rates may vary. Offer subject to change without notice.


APR=Annual Percentage Rate. See Rates for full details.


FOR VARIABLE RATE LOANS EXCEPT SHARE SECURED: The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for existing balances and new balances will be determined by adding the amount shown above in the “% Above Index” column to the Index. The Index is the U.S. Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal. The rates are subject to change monthly to reflect any change in the index. Any increase in the APR will take the form of more payments of the same amount.