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We are growing together.

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Share that love with a friend or family member and we'll split $75 three ways¹.


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Since we launched our ReGrove initiative, Heritage Grove has donated thousands of trees to help regrow the Santiam Forest after the devastating 2020 Oregon fire season. We're thrilled to share that we've reached our goal for new trees planted—but there's still more work to do! The $25 for the forest¹ will go toward rebuilding and rerouting trails, rebuilding bridges, learning opportunities and other forestry conservation efforts.

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Over 1,050 trees planted!

As part of our effort to support the regrowth of The Santiam State Forest, we tracked how many trees your referrals resulted in. Over 1,050 trees were planted from member referrals!

  • Armando G.
  • Jennifer R.
  • Troy M.
  • Shelley H.
  • Maria S.
  • Victoria M.
  • Daniel T.
  • Kim M.
  • Dianne Q.
  • Cathy C.
  • Sue H.
  • CK B.
  • Kathryn W.
  • Alanna T.
  • Audrey S.
  • Matthew M.
  • Dan G.
  • Nancy D.
  • Shari H.
  • Joan S.
  • Beth B.
  • Michelle W.
  • Kelly C.
  • Gregory H.
  • Michael F.
  • Alyssa H-F
  • Patricia C.
  • Jennifer E.
  • George R.
  • Mark F.
  • Anne B.
  • Fred B.
  • Bobbi A.
  • Cirilo G-L.
  • Marsha W.
  • Andrew Z.
  • Troy V.
  • Ellen L.
  • Nancy M.
  • Lucia V.G.
  • Irene P.
  • Adrian P.
  • Austin B.
  • George R.
  • Craven D.
  • Nicole J.
  • Karen G.
  • Laurel D.
  • Erick C.
  • Margarita R.
  • Asia B.
  • Paulina H.
  • Jose C.
  • Raven Y.
  • Anthony E.
  • Cynthia S.
  • Jared S.
  • James M.
  • Consuela D.
  • Malinda H.
  • Tasja D.
  • Kristina W.
  • Claudia G.
  • Benjamin G.
  • Lynnita K.
  • Aline S.
  • Tanya J.
  • William N.
  • Michael M.
  • Angela W.
  • Nora M.
  • Michele T.
  • Evelia A.
  • Susan G.
  • Yvette A.
  • Paul O.
  • Nancy C.
Where there's fire, there's regrowth

To those who live in the Western United States, wildfires are nothing new. Our unique terrain is shaped by dramatic mountains and valleys hosting a diverse array of forests and wildlife. The combination of old and new forests formed by fire over millennia is valuable to many species that depend on them.

Wildfires are a natural part of a forest’s environment and they create healthy conditions for many plants and animals. However, when forest fires become large and burn hot, much of what we love and use is lost in their paths. Miles of forests that have taken generations to grow can be lost overnight.

green mountain header image

The 2020 Oregon wildfire season was one of the most destructive in over a century.

Across the state, fires burned more than 1.2 million³ acres of land and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. More than 2,000 individual fires or fire complexes left a mark on Oregon like no other³. Within the affected areas was the 47,000+ acre Santiam State Forest, which saw extensive damage from the Beachie Creek Fire. The Santiam State Forest just happens to be our backdoor neighbor.

View a Santiam fire map

total Oregon fires in 2020


total Oregon acres burned in 2020


buildings destroyed

It's the little things that citizens do. That's what will make the difference. My little thing is planting trees.

Wangari Maathai

Nobel Peace Prize winner, author and environmental and social activist

ReGrove Initiative | Heritage Grove FCU | Santiam State Forest

Historic drought and hurricane-force winds contributed to the catastrophic loss of forests within more than half of the Santiam State Forest, resulting in untold loss not only for trees and wildlife habitat, but surrounding communities, families, and beloved recreation areas.

Knowing the importance of this beautiful forest to local ecosystems and wanting to restore it for ourselves and so many of our members, Heritage Grove Federal Credit Union established the ReGrove Initiative in 2021.

Along with our good friends at the State Forests Trust of Oregon (formerly Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust), a local nonprofit, the Initiative's mission was to help replant, rebuild, and re-grove the Santiam State Forest so that it can continue to flourish and provide the benefits it has for many years.

Burned trees loom over Santiam Forest
A newly planted tree takes root
Heritage Grove helped plant, and you made it happen!

Thanks in part to the ReGrove Initiative, nearly 46 acres of forest—or around 23,000 trees—were replanted in an exciting new experimental research area along a recreation trail on Fern Hill. This area will help foresters learn more effective approaches to restoring forests after a fire.

The Oregon Department of Forestry and the State Forests Trust of Oregon are redirecting their efforts into forest education opportunities, rebuilding and rerouting trails and rebuilding damaged bridges. This is wonderful news for our local residents who helped make this possible!

I planted a tree with Heritage Grove
green mountain header image
green mountain header image

Stepping into Santiam State Forest

Thousands of visitors each year have enjoyed the rich, beautiful and diverse life inside the Santiam State Forest. It is home to many thousands of permanent residents—more than 250 species of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish.

The land hosts five campgrounds, over twenty miles of hiking trails, fire lookouts, waterfalls, wetlands and old-growth forests⁴. The Santiam State Forest is a truly unique landscape close to home, worthy of restoring.

Abiqua waterfall in The Santiam State Forest.

More members, more forest aid.

Santiam State Forest.

Now that tree planting has been completed, with every new member referred to Heritage Grove, we will donate $25 to help fund improved access for hikers, fishermen, off-road vehicle enthusiasts, mountain bikers and all people wanting to experience the wonder of Oregon’s beautiful natural heritage. Our aim has broadened to include the restoration of recreation areas in the Santiam State Forest, as well as enhancement of Oregon's other state forests, with the help of members like you.

Share your love of Oregon's forests with a friend or family member by referring them to become a member of Heritage Grove Federal Credit Union. We'll split $75 three ways¹.


for you¹


for the forest¹


for them¹

A tree planted by US | Heritage Grove
State Forests Trust of Oregon
Fan of the Forest | Heritage Grove Federal Credit Union
Stand Tall
I planted a tree with Heritage Grove
Keep Oregon Growing

To qualify for the referral bonus, the person making the referral must use the online referral form. You must qualify for and establish membership at Heritage Grove Federal Credit Union and be at least 18 years of age to refer new members. The referred person must open a Heritage Grove membership (share/savings account) and open and actively use at least one additional account (checking/debit or funded loan). Youth accounts do not require a checking/debit account or funded loan. The checking/debit minimum deposit is $25. The referred new member’s account must remain open and active for at least 180 days. An active debit/checking account includes a monthly deposit or withdrawal or debit card transaction. Bonuses will be awarded via deposits to share/savings accounts after all criteria has been met and verified. In the event more than one member refers the same individual, Heritage Grove will award the bonus to the first member making the referral. Referred members must not be an existing Heritage Grove member in any capacity and must not have been a member who closed their membership within the last six months. There is no limit to the number of referrals a member may submit. All accounts are subject to our normal approval process. Members and accounts must be in good standing and accounts must have recent account activity such as debit transactions, credit card transactions, direct deposits, etc. to receive bonuses. Fees can reduce earnings on the account. This offer is non-transferable and may be canceled without prior notice. We reserve the right to disqualify any referrals in circumstances where we reasonably believe they were not sent to us in good faith. Heritage Grove Federal Credit Union reserves the right to terminate the program at any time, revise program terms or refuse bonuses at our discretion.


“Final ODF fire report for 2020 fire season”. October 19, 2020. Retrieved October 21, 2020.

“History of the Northwest Oregon State Forests”, Northwest Oregon State Forests Management Plan, Oregon Department of Forestry, Salem Oregon, January 2001.