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We regularly hear people say they wish they had started saving money at an earlier age. Which is exactly why we created our Heritage Grove Youth Savings account. It’s available to anyone from birth to 12 years old, and it is designed to encourage a lifelong love of saving money.

All of our Youth Accounts are set up with a parent or legal guardian as a joint owner so you can help your child understand the basics of saving, and why it's so important to make a habit out of regularly setting money aside.

We help make the process fun by providing Youth Savings members with a prize every time they make a deposit with us. In addition, there is no monthly service fee and dividends are paid monthly starting with the first $5 deposited (minimum balance).

Put your child on the path to being a successful saver. Bring them by the branch and we’ll include them in the enrollment process so they can stand tall and feel empowered by this rite of passage. As the child of a Heritage Grove member, they are automatically eligible to be a member too.

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If you're not a member and you'd like to enjoy the Heritage Grove difference, we'd be happy to get you enrolled today. You can also enroll online.

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Youth Savings